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Animal Removal

Ginx carefully catches and removes animals both inside and outside your home.


Indoor Removal

If you're hearing noises in your attic or seeing actual rodents scurrying around, this is the service for you.


Inside trapping is typically paired with our exclusion service, it is essential that any entry points are blocked off. Our goal is to cut off their natural food supply in order to entice them to our baited cages and traps.

Outdoor Removal

If you have a pesky critter tearing up your yard or just smelling up the place, this service is for you.


Live humane traps are baited and placed within the problematic area. Once caught, the animals will be safely transported to a rural area and released. Ginx always practices catch and release.


This service is a one time flat fee, two-week service. We do not charge for each animal caught.

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