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Exclusion Services

Here at Ginx our goal is to provide you with a critter free home for years to come. This goal can be achieved by our quality exclusion service.


Exclusion is the process of sealing any and all possible entry points that critters could use to enter in to your home. By sealing these entry points it prevents animals from re entering your home, while also making it easier to remove any current animals. In the event that an animal creates a new entry point don't worry, by using our services you're backed by a one-year warranty.


Exclusion is ESSENTIAL to a critter free home. With continued in and out access, animals will continue to find their way into your home.


Our exclusion process begins with a thorough FREE home inspection. During the inspection our team will identify what animal you're dealing with and all the possible entry points they could use to enter in your home.



Now that we've identified any and all possible entry points, we use the necessary tools and materials to close the culprits access. By closing the entry points the animals must now go for our freshly baited traps.



All possible entry points have been closed off and now their only food source is Ginx's all purpose bait. Based on the target animal, we'll place either snap traps for rats or catch & release cages for larger animals that may still be in your attic/living space.


Following up

Ginx will be by weekly to check traps and entry points until there is no longer an issue.  However, if there is a fowl smell or you hear the cage rattling in the attic before your weekly check, give us a call and we will be out as soon as possible.

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