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Whether its raccoons, rats, or squirrels chances are they've left feces in your attic.  Sanitizing your attic begins by removing all accessible feces and ends with the application of our sanitizer and deodorizer solution. Our solution is HVAC approved and hospital grade making it safe to use. This is not a harsh chemical that will be used in your home.

When dealing with raccoons they leave large piles of dog like droppings in your insulation. Our experts will remove these piles along with the urine soaked insulation underneath. Once this is complete we will spray our solution to rid your attic of germs and pheromones.

Mice, rats, and squirrels have much smaller droppings which makes it difficult to remove all of them. Our main goal is to remove them from your a/c unit and ducking, plus any where we can reach safely.  For severe cases we may suggest applying all new insulation.  Again, once the area has been cleaned we will spray our solution ridding your attic of germs and pheromones.

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